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Mark Hultgren

I am lost in transformation! Trying to make some mods to a XSLT report for alignments and am banging my head against a wall when it comes to getting Latitude and Longitude out using LandXML Reports.

Here is the default report format:

Here is the code I have to pull the data:

And this is the result I am trying to acheive:

Alan Gilbert

Hi Mark,
Since the geometry is stored and exported to the reporting engine as cartesian coordinates, there isn't any lat/long values to select. While I'm sure an XSLT function could be written and referenced to do the conversion, I think it would be fairly difficult (and something way over my head). However, you could piece this report together by using the create cogo point/at geometry points command to drop cogos on all the PIs, then using the Export Points command to send these into a CSV in Lat Long format. Sorry I can't help more.

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