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David Fagerman


This was a great video! You made the point very clearly on exactly how to do this. This should be of great value to anyone using this collection method.

Thank you,


Alan Gilbert

Thanks for the comment David!

Alejandro Dominguez

Is there a way to export a civil 3d surface to autocad and continue to model with autocad's 3d features (extrude, sweep etc)? I have a small surface from cogo pints and want to continue modeling it in autocad

Alan Gilbert

Hello Alejandro, there are several possibilities depending on what you need. The two most common commands used for this type of work are "Extract Solids from Surface" and "Extract Objects". Both of these commands can be found in the ribbon by selecting the surface in the drawing. One note on the "Extract Objects" command: it will only show pieces of the surface that are currently displayed in the list as being available for extraction.

John Spiggot


Is there anywhere where I can download the survey data files I can use in your videos?

I watched the one on the converting from RW5 to fbk you did a few weeks ago and I'd really like to explore it in more detail.


Alan Gilbert

Hello John, sorry I'm not able to share the data files. These were actual customer data files unfortunately.
Take care,

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