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Gregory Lyons


While I don't disagree with anything you've shown in this video, there are a couple of points that are important to point out.

First, users should note that when imagery is added to a drawing as an FDO layer that the imagery will not be visible when that drawing is XRef'd. FDO layers are only visible in the drawing that connects to the source.

Second, in addition to the FDO connections the Map 3D tools present in Civil 3D include MAPIINSERT. This tool will read the world files (like the SDWs in your example) and reference the images into the drawing using the appropriate coordinate system transforms, much like Raster Design does. This approach has the benefit of not requiring Raster Design, and allowing the images to be visible when the drawing containing them is referenced by another drawing.

Thanks for all of the great content you guys provide.

Alan Gilbert

Thanks for the great comments! The FDO limitations definitely should be considered. My Raster Design bias is only due to it pulling me out of several coordinate system jams over the years :-).

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