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Anthony Bayadi

This is great, but what happens when you take this info into NavisWorks, does it maintane the data sets or is this info lost once brought into Navisworks?


Can the process also be done in reverse, i.e. can data entered into the extended data tab, be exported out to an Excel spreadsheet.

Kevin Spear

Great tip! I'm guessing one selection does not force the other values to auto populate? We would have to manually pick each value?

I suppose i am asking if we can do a "record" merge with property sets, is that possible?

Alan Gilbert

The attribute data should go to Navisworks fine. However, the link to the external file will not make it I'm sure.

Alan Gilbert

Hi Des, check out my blog post tomorrow as I'll be showing a method for this.

Alan Gilbert

Hi Kevin,
Not that I'm aware of. However, I'm a novice at ACAD Architecture (where property set data originated), so I wouldn't be the best authority on this.

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